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Berta Family Wines, is owned by the Errázuriz Domínguez Family. With the support of great professionals, they cultivate their own vineyards until they collect the best of the Itata Valley in their wines. It is this same area that for centuries has received these wineries and delivers all their unmistakable flavors and aromas.

The land where Santa Berta winery is located, is located at the gateway to the well-known sector of the Itata Valley in the wine-growing region of southern Chile, 8 kilometers south of Chillán, in the commune of San Nicolás.

The character of Santa Berta wines is based on different factors that start their dynamics with the way of cultivation, since the vineyards are distributed in 2 terraces with very own characteristics, each one, generating a special terroir for each vine.

Another important factor in grape cultivation is the thermal oscillation close to 23 ° C at the Millapel estate, which allows a wide variety of strains to ripen.

However, these cultivation peculiarities are only the first link in a long chain of details painstakingly decided for each stage of the process.

Currently, Santa Berta Winery has plantations of Merlot, Pinot Noir, Malbec, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, among others.

What differentiates us

Deep down, as a family our concept differentiates us. It was a risk and a challenge to grow in the southernmost wine region at that time. And launching into producing the best wines from Itata, a Valley that offers you a completely new wine experience, from the choice of varieties such as our Pinot Noir, Malbec, Cinsault, Moscatel minerals and our charming perfumed Riesling; far from the Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay that could be created in other latitudes of the country.

We work with local teams, as much as possible. Local suppliers, workers from Chillán, San Carlos, Coelemu; from grape to bottle. All of our wines are processed and packaged on our property.

Our values?

Berta Family Wines is a family business. Its name comes from the strong women in our family. The first Berta, mother of 12 personalities. The Berta mother, who is an inspiration for her tremendous troop. The Berta daughter; the eldest of women, the brave. The one that puts our feet on the ground, although it also uncorks the sparkling wines when we have to celebrate. And the granddaughter, who has the baton to run whatever company she sets out to do. We have rescued our values, beliefs and desire to make this a personal journey and certainly as a team.

Our commitment?

We are friends with our consumers. And like good friends, they are demanding! All of our production standards are based on a strong relationship with our workers, our community, the environment, the Region, and our customers. We are a piece of a community that already exists, with character like our wines and we want those who taste them to be part of this community as well. That is the invitation.

We make wines that rescue the terroir, by the hand of our award-winning winemaker, who brings out the best of his quarters: elegant and daring, innovative, frank and balanced wines. With a great story. As well as the Berta. Of the best quality and with a strong bond tied to its historic lands. Focusing on making wines under high production standards, we seek to achieve the expected result. As always, the best.


Pablo Herera General Manager

Pablo Herera General Manager


Susana Villegas Sales Manager

Susana Villegas Sales Manager


Jaime Castro Field Chief

Jaime Castro Field Chief


Tomás Navarrete Cellar Chief

Tomás Navarrete Cellar Chief


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