Itata Valley

Berta wines are made in the Itata Valley at 400 kms. South of Santiago de Chile, the same place where Chilean wine made its first attempts. It was the Jesuits who planted the first vineyards in the area at the time of the conquest and where most of the first Chilean wines were produced.

When the modern wine industry began in Chile, most fine wines, and also common ones, were produced in the central valley, where a more stable and industrial production was possible. This development was crucial for the wine industry in Chile, but many small wineries lagged behind. The Itata Valley fell asleep and wine production was limited to a small quantity.

Over the years and the market much more mature, the rediscovery of ancient valleys to reach more boutique and signature wines led the Itata Valley and its special lands to be reborn and the experts once again recognized their ability to deliver a different Chilean product. and very own.

Our family was part of this rediscovery and we are proud to produce our wines. Proud because they are based on the unique natural conditions of Itata, on the family adventure to create our wines and on the conviction that producing fine wines and in limited volumes has allowed us to offer our consumers a unique experience of flavor and aromas, truly ours, truly from Itata, truly Chilean.

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Valle del Itata is a denomination of origin for Chilean wines from the homonymous wine subregion that comply with the requirements established by the Agriculture Decree No. 464 of December 14, 1994, which establishes the country's viticultural zoning and sets the standards for their use as appellations of origin.



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