04 | 01 | 2021

What Berta wines pair best with desserts?

The moment of dessert is one of the most anticipated in a meal. This time we want you to enjoy it by accompanying it with the right wine. The key to this pairing, like any other, is harmony, the balance between the characteristics of our dish and the wine, neither should be overshadowed by the other, instead they should help each other express themselves.

Here we tell you what type of dessert goes perfectly with your Berta wine.


The percentage of cocoa in the chocolate influences its sweetness and, therefore, the pairing with the wines.

Chocolates with a high degree of cocoa, bitters, or desserts made with these chocolates, such as cakes, pair well with red wines based on cabernet sauvignon or merlot.

Chocolates with 50% cocoa go well with aged sweet reds such as port, and in the case of milk chocolates (less than 40% cocoa) you could also choose Pinot Noir-based wines.

White chocolates, which are made with cocoa butter, milk and sugar, tend to be sweeter and creamier, they pair better with natural sweet muscat-based wines, for example.

Creamy desserts

Creamy desserts are harmonized with sparkling brut or dry or semi-dry sparkling wines. When they are desserts with pastry cream (cakes, tarts, etc.), semi-dry rosé wines can also work.


To accompany fruits, we recommend a muscat grape wine, which with its acidity offers incredible freshness to the dessert and in which the fruity aromas of this drink stand out.

The next time you eat desserts, we invite you to try these pairings, they will make your meals a great moment to remember.

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